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July 10 2012


Bonzoi: The Interactive e-Book Revolution

Are you a writer and looking for a break to publish your first book? Writing is a beautiful passion and many of us have an inborn talent to write and explore new ideas of life. Getting your book published is really one of the difficult tasks as it involves steps like preparing manuscripts, grammar and spell checking, editing of the sentence structures, final manuscript printing, searching for publishers around, expecting a positive response from publisher around and marketing the book. To write a book is simple, but to get it published is difficult. Before you publish a book and invest all the time and money, give your words a test run on Bonzoi, and see the revolution you are already missing.

What is the revolution all about?

Have you heard about real time collaboration? Bonzoi is an online book publishing company that offers 100% Author copyrighted royalties and unlimited encoded cloud storage. Its dream of every single author to get their work published as writing includes a lot of effort and interest; if you are having a similar dream then you must log on to Bonzoi for getting educated on book collaboration.

The resident BLINKROOM is one of the places to get started, as you will find many published as well as struggling authors to share their thoughts with you. It is a fun place where you can meet people sharing same passion like you and this really helps in motivating and boosting your book publishing idea.  In short, Bonzoi is simply a platform promoting world literacy by helping Authors and Journalists to come together on a user-friendly platform.

Authors can all enjoy separate dashboards where they can maintain their author profile and recent updates in a digitally interactive way. Once the author joins Bonzoi, they can start writing a comic book, a novel, or create scrapbooks together with all of their friends. The best thing about Bonzoi is that it offers the book publishing for free of cost to any author registered with it. All you need to do is get started with Bonzoi, and see your words come to life right of the pages. Join Bonzoi and Let’s Write Together!

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